Who We Are

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Qualification & Experience


Sri Krishna Murari Poddar

Managing Director

He is promoter of the company academically a commerce graduate having a very long experience and association with operation, finance, administration and all facets of industrial enterprise. With rare combination of excellence, conscientious administration, dynamic management skills, he has turned the company into efficient, vibrant and a very investor friendly organisation.


Smt Uma Poddar

Non – Executive Director

A commerce graduate and a woman director on Board to provide her expertise in the management.


Sri Arabinda De

Non-Executive/ Independent Director

A Chartered Accountant having a long experience on industrial finance in a leading all – India term lending institution and lately for about two decades in practice specifically in industrial finance, corporate advisory and rehabilitation & restructuring of corporates.


Sri Om Prakash Kedia

Non-Executive/ Independent Director

A graduate in commerce and law having very long experience of successfully operating a large industrial enterprise as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Sri Gautam Modi

Non - Executive Director

A commerce graduate and have experience of about 17 years in the areas of finance, administration and strategic planning.


Sri Bal Krishna Bhalotia

Non-Executive/ Independent Director

A graduate in commerce having experience of over 45 years in the areas of administration and financial planning.



Sri Avinash Kumar Khaitan

Non-Executive/ Independent Director

A B.Com Graduate from Calcutta University and have experience of around 16 years in the field of marketing and managing finance.


Sri Arvind Kejariwal

Non-Executive/ Independent Director

A Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) from ICFAI, Bangalore specialized in the field of finance. He has a rich experience of more than 10yrs in Finance and Banking field.